Unfastening a knotty problem

Tackling a knotty problem” lies in untying it so that the ends become loose, free and unfettered. This makes it possible for to engage on more important matters - business deals, project writing and taking care of the family.

Whenever one is faced with a problem that simply does not go away, one can choose to avoid making a fuss over it. Trying too hard at this stage in finding a solution is not the right thing to do. The trick is to let it remain in a fallow and dormant state along with pertinent details. And not let whatever is bothering one to disrupt the activities that need attention.

A problem could be of differing intensity or magnitude - technical hitch, mechanical fault or an extract from literature. So that it requires some sort of ability to solve it. One should not assume that any of these will go away of its own accord. But place them in their correct perspectives and obtain the relevant information that is linked to the case in question.

If no headway is made at first, exercise patience and keep everything in check with the finger on the pulse. Balance out the routine of life so that it does not make too great an effect. Treat it like a close confidante and not a pariah so that one comes to term with it.

Also, the problem may needs foresight, sagacity and a never-say-die attitude. Looking at it from different angles seems to highlight it and provide a complete picture. And an exact nature of what it is like. Give it a

go even it its hard and obnoxious because it is sticking in the guts. This will ease one’s mind and put it in the mood to function.

Giving the problem a head start will not be advisable or the thing to do. Get a measure of the thorn in the side and try to be more accommodating. And soon one will find that certain parts will resolve by themselves

leaving the core staring at one’s face. Here, a push in the right direction brings it to the forefront.

A problem may require more than a first ever attempt before it is resolved. Different techniques tried out gives one a fillip and not let it continue to become an irritant. Once a start has been made, forestall it if there is a move to backtrack. If possible, remind oneself that it’s something that has gone haywire and not a personification of evil.