Virtual lessons

Everybody has their own way to pass-time. Computer games might just be another way to do so, and also a good source of refreshment for many of us. While availability of mobile phones and internet services is flourishing the craze of mobile games and other online gaming platforms is also on a boom. However, do these games serve any other purpose other than the ones mentioned above? Yes, they do!

Each game has its own theme around which the user or the player is involved in it. A racing game turns the player into a racer, a football tournament turns a person into a footballer, and a war game turns one into a warrior or a ruler. I happened to download and play a war game on my mobile phone since a few months. This game allows us to build our own town. As was the scenario during the ancient period and in the mythological era, we are allowed to extract and build several storage facilities of gold and elixir, train the warriors, prepare our own troops and attack the other towns of other people in order to loot the resources. Further, the game enables the player to join a clan and form a team consisting of several other players who can then declare war against other clans.

Firstly, the game grabs your interest on the subject matters related to history and mythology. Secondly, being a part of a specific clan teaches you to work in a team by donating your troops for your clan members, and also builds a sense of brotherhood among each other. Winning a clan war requires the players to cooperate and form various strategies. This boosts one’s social skills and the analytical strengths.

Me and my little brothers and cousins of mine, with whom I share a several years of age difference, have now something common – the game - to talk about at home. Before we would face typical problems of ‘generation gap’ and often had shortage of topics to talk about; now, as an added advantage, it seems to be much easier for us to stay close and friendly.

Addiction to gaming can also cause damage in several folds to our physical, mental as well as social lives. While we tend to be inseparable from the virtual community, one’s interaction with the people in the real world is crippled. Kids of today are often said to be unsocial and detached from their families with growing addiction to computers games and online world. Further, lack of physical movement can cause several health related issues such as obesity and backaches.