New Year has nothing new in its name as it appears every year in its fixed pattern and schedule. For me neither 30th Chaitra of 2072 nor 1st Baisakh of 2073, but the whole year 2073 is going to be special.

Amid gloom and hope 2073 has begun now.  As usual it is taking its pace and now here we are already at the start of Baisakh. With no more wasting of time, I am resolute to spend this year experimenting on a few important things which could have significant impacts on my whole life. Three things - entrepreneurship, joint investment and marriage - will be the subject of my experiment.

I quit a ‘smart job’ at the end of 2072 and dedicated myself towards entrepreneurship. For the past few years, I have held a strong belief that entrepreneurship is my destination. To materialize this belief, I have started meeting young entrepreneurs seeking advice on business from them and participating in various training programs to learn new skills. Graduation from TU in 2072, the year has provided me with a certificate of academic qualification which has provided me a gateway from 18 years of academic transition.

Another experiment will be on testing the fortune of joint investment. I have seen several cases of failure of this type of venture. This urges me to be aware of this type of business partnership.  But if I listen to my heart, it is arguing in a different way. “Go on! If the partners are honest and dedicated, this is the best way to bring better results in a short span of time with bearable financial risk,” is what my heart says time and again. And, now I with a few reliable like-minded friends, I am all set to take the initiative on this.

We have planned to start a small firm where we could use locally available resources and mobilize local human resources. The last and most important experiment of this year will be on the common Nepalese perception of marriage. During my academic and professional life I met many beautiful and cultured girls whom I could have chosen as my life partner. Some of them even had fallen in love with me. But due to my firm belief about ‘arranged marriage’ I could not give them the green signal.

I am determined to work hard to mitigate the challenges and strengthen my ability to establish my beliefs and prove my worth in my life. The success of my beliefs regarding entrepreneurship, joint investment and marriage in 2073 will shape my life ahead.