Ajmal fined for mocking Sangakkara

COLOMBO: Pakistan's Saeed Ajmal has been fined for gesturing at Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara during a Twenty20 match, the International Cricket Council (ICC) said on Thursday.

The off-spinner pointed towards the pavilion and spoke aggressively to Sangakkara after bowling him during Pakistan's 52-run victory in the T20 international here on Wednesday night.

Match referee Alan Hurst of Australia found Ajmal guilty of breaching the ICC's Code of Conduct and fined him 15 percent of his match fee following a post-match hearing.

"In coming to my decision, I took into account the fact the player immediately recognised his error of judgment and apologised to both umpires," Hurst said in an ICC statement.

"He also did so to Kumar Sangakkara after the game.

"The player had no previous instances of this type of behaviour, but it was pointed out to him during the hearing that his actions were a clear breach of the Code of Conduct and something seen not only on the replay screen at the ground but also by many millions of people watching on television around the world.

"This type of action cannot be tolerated as it does not promote the playing of the game in the expected positive spirit," said Hurst.

It was not clear what Ajmal's fees were for the match or the amount he would be fined.