Balotelli going to World Cup with Italy or Ghana?

ITALY: Inter starlet Mario Balotelli is a young man who knows what he wants, insisting next year’s World Cup in South Africa is among his top priorities for next season, although he is not sure who he will play for in the competition.

The 18-year-old was born in the peninsula to Ghanaian parents and has already been capped ten times by Italy Under-21s, but the Ghanaian Football Association has repeatedly urged him to play for the Black Stars at senior level.

“I shouldn’t talk about it because I have my own ideas and if I say what I think, I’ll end up causing a mess,” Balotelli confessed to the Corriere dello Sport.

“I first want to discuss it with my parents, who are an important reference point to me. Ghana? I have yet to make up my mind and, like everyone else, I am awaiting a call from [Italy boss Marcello] Lippi.

“If I don’t get one, I will have to carefully ponder it.”

Balotelli has often stated that he feels 100 per cent Italian, so would he be able to wear the Ghanaian colours?

“As a matter of fact, I don’t know if I would manage to do it,” he explained.

“As I said, I would have to think hard. It’s also a matter of pride because Italy is my country and it would be difficult to change. I am usually pessimistic, but I’m sure everything will turn out fine in the end.”