CM Raut envisions 'Hello Pradesh Sarkar' in Prov 2

JANAKPUR: Province 2 Chief Minister Mohammad Lalbabu Raut has declared to establish 'Hello Pradesh Sarkar', a local level grievance-hearing mechanism which will be operated through a call centre and an e-mail service.

Speaking at a press conference organised by the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Janakpurdham on Sunday, Raut made public an 11-point-declaration saying that the decisions including formation of 'Hello Pradesh Sarkar' were taken to maintain good governance in Province 2.

A free-call service will be available for registering the complaints or the people, who can also write at to forward their grievances directly to the Chief Minister’s office.

Moreover, asserting that there are operational hassles due to lack of employees, Raut said that preparations were ongoing to expand the ministerial berth within 2-3 days.

“We will adopt zero tolerance to corruption where policy level corruption would not be acceptable,” Raut clarified. “We will ensure good governance and people can register their complaints directly at the OCM CM.”

According to Raut, delay in daily activities must not be tolerated and the service seekers should be delivered the services within 24 hours. “If any employee fails to deliver the service under reasonable circumstances, the service seekers must be well informed on the issue,” Raut remarked.