Bangla police arrest India’s terror suspect

DHAKA: Police in Bangladesh have arrested a suspected Islamic militant long wanted by Indian authorities for alleged links to a banned terror group, Dhaka’s police chief said on Satyrday.Mufti Obaidullah, an Indian citizen, has been living under a false name and teaching in Islamic schools since fleeing to Bangladesh in 1995, said AKM Shahidul Haque, commissioner of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

Haque told The Associated Press that Obaidullah, 45, has links to Lashkar-e-Taiba, a group blamed for a number of attacks in India, including one in the city of Mumbai in November.

The group is seen as a creation of the Pakistani intelligence service to help fight India in the disputed Kashmir region.

Pakistan banned the group in 2002 under pressure from the United States.

“The man is wanted by the Indian intelligence for years, he is a top terror suspect there,” Haque said.

He did not say exactly when Obaidullah was arrested. The suspect was paraded before reporters late Friday in Dhaka. There was no immediate official comment from India.

The police commissioner said police had evidence that Obaidullah was connected to the terrorist group and were examining six cell phone SIM cards he had.