Dabbawallahs extend their stay in Britain

Himalayan News Service

Mumbai, April 11:

After hobnobbing with royalty, India’s special invitees to Prince Charles’ wedding, the two dabbawallahs, or lunchbox carriers, have extended their stay in London by a day for some sightseeing on a “request” from the groom. The two privileged men who represented Mumbai’s famous dabbawallahs at the wedding were Raghunath Medge, president of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin-Box Suppliers’ Association, and his colleague Sopan Mare. “They were expected to return to Mumbai this evening. They have now decided to extend their stay in London by a day to take a look around the city,” Raghunath’s wife Sharda Medge said. “The request to stay back for a day came personally from Charles when they met the prince on the wedding day. My husband was very touched by the gesture and decided to postpone the travel back home,” she said. Sharda said the dabbawallahs presented the royal couple with a box of sweets and a greeting card on the wedding day. The gift also included a traditional silk sari and bangles for Camilla and a turban for Charles.