Indian verdict 2004 : Pitroda draws plan to corporatorise Congress

Himalayan News Service

Mumbai, May 3:

Sam Pitroda, the technology evangelist who worked with former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, has drawn up a plan to rejuvenate the Congress party that envisages sweeping organisational changes. Pitroda said he had “submitted a document to Sonia Gandhi to rejuvenate the party on the lines of a corporate entity. “The foundation and organisation has to change,” he said after spending a fortnight campaign.

“In the first instance, there needs to be a generation change, while in the second the job descriptions have to be specific. A hierarchy where there is progress, like in the corporate sector.” Pitroda, 62, said he was a “satisfied man” as he had been “able to speak to people who are young, matter and are first time voters” during his campaign tour. Sonia Gandhi had asked Pitroda to campaign to counter the “untruths” being spoken by BJP about Rajiv Gandhi and its high-pitched ‘India Shining’ campaign. He said he saw hope in Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi’s son.

Modi guns for Sonia

HARDOI: Gujarat CM Narendra Modi on Monday hit the campaign trail in Uttar Pradesh, attacking Sonia Gandhi over her foreign origin and urging the people to return his BJP to power. Modi called on the people to give a clear mandate for Vajpayee, who he said wanted to amend the Constitution to ensure that any government formed after the polls could complete a full term. Modi dubbed Sonia a “power hungry” person who only “believed in toppling governments”. — HNS