A 19-yr-old Pakistani social media influencer is the latest online sensation and is winning the hearts of netizens.

On February 6, Dananeer Mobin had posted a video on Instagram, in which she pans the camera to different directions and says "Yeh hamari car hai, aur yeh hum hai, aur yeh hamari pawri horai hai" (This is our car, this is us, and this is our party going on).

Hashtag #pawrihoraihai has been trending on Twitter and Instagram since then.

The Instagram post captioned "When borgors visit northern areas" went viral in no time and has already garnered more than 6 million views – and counting – on Instagram.

Her video has become popular especially for being able to lift the spirits of Indians and Pakistanis alike – along with millions of others from across the world – at a time when the two neighbouring nations, with age-old enmity, rarely find a subject to agree on.

Hailing from Peshwar, Pakistan, Dananeer Mobin, also known as Geena, is quite popular and has over 900k followers on Instagram.