Court officer dies in blast:

BEIJING: A court officer in southwest China was killed as he searched through confiscated goods and accidentally set off a bomb, state media and officials said on Wednesday. The powerful explosion happened on Tuesday at the Jinniu District Court in Chengdu city, the Chengdu Commercial Daily reported on its website. The blast nearly ripped off Lai Zhonggui’s right arm. He was sent to hospital but died two hours later. — AFP

Tanker sinks, 4 missing:

BEIJING: Four people are missing after an oil tanker sank, spewing out its cargo, after hitting another ship in southern Chinese waters on Wednesday, maritime officials and state media said. According to the Guangdong Maritime Affairs Bureau, the oil tanker was carrying 1,000 tonnes of light diesel oil when it hit the empty cargo vessel. The tanker sunk within 10 minutes, forcing all its crew to abandon ship. Xinhua said nine of the crew members had been rescued and four were missing. — AFP

Most-wanted Thai held:

BANGKOK: Thailand’s most-wanted man, an alleged Muslim separatist, has been arrested in Malaysia and Thailand will seek to extradite him, PM Thaksin Shinawatra said on Wednesday. Authorities have alleged Doramae Kuteh alias Chae Kumae Kuteh, was the mastermind behind an arms depot raid that reignited unrest in Thailand’s Muslim-majority south. Doramae Kuteh is wanted in Thailand for premeditated murder and inciting a guerrilla movement.— AFP