Damages to agro, livestock in Province 2 at Rs 3.59bn till date

Kathmandu, July 27

The recent floods and landslides have so far damaged agriculture products and livestock worth Rs 3.59 billion in Province 2.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD), the full report of the damages caused by the floods in Province 2 is yet to be prepared.

As the ministry does not have any separate body to collect such data during this kind of situation, the ministry has to rely on information from local governments.

“We collected as much data as possible by cooperating with the local governments.

Hence, our report at present is based on whatever information we could receive from the local governments and our divisional offices,” said Tej Bahadur Subedi, spokesperson for MoALD. He further said that the ministry is still compiling records and will release an updated report soon.

As per the data compiled by MoALD, the floods have damaged post-monsoon rice, monsoon paddy, maize, vegetables and banana farms. Meanwhile, towards livestock, buffaloes, cows, ducks, chickens, goats and fish farms have been damaged by the floods in Province 2, which is the most productive area of the country.

Of the total damage in the province, livestock worth Rs 1.62 billion was damaged while agricultural products worth Rs 1.97 billion were affected by the floods. In Rautahat itself, livestock worth Rs 350 million was damaged, while agriculture products worth Rs 350 million was also damaged. Similarly, in Parsa and Bara, livestock worth a total Rs 100 million was damaged. However, agriculture products worth Rs 448 million was damaged in Parsa and in Bara the damages were worth Rs 500 million.

Likewise, in Siraha and Saptari, livestock worth a total Rs 970 million was damaged.

Meanwhile, Saptari witnessed damages of agricultural products worth Rs 300 million and Siraha witnessed damages worth Rs 50 million. In Dhanusa, livestock worth Rs 150 million and agricultural products worth Rs 200 million was damaged by the floods. Likewise, in Sarlahi, livestock worth Rs 50 million and agricultural products worth Rs 80 million was damaged.

Similarly, in Mahottari, agricultural products worth Rs 50 million was damaged by the floods, while the ministry is yet to receive data of livestock damages in the district.

Meanwhile, Province 1 has witnessed damages worth Rs 815 million to agricultural products and livestock due to recent floods.