Floods swept away crops worth Rs 8bn

Kathmandu, August 16

The recent floods and landslides triggered by the heavy monsoon rains in different Tarai districts have swept away planted crops worth over Rs eight billion, as per a preliminary report of government.

The report unveiled by the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD) today has stated that the severe natural calamity this monsoon has had a major impact on the agriculture sector, destroying planted crops and fish worth Rs 8.1 billion besides claiming 123 lives till today.

However, the loss amount could change as MoAD is yet to prepare the final post-disaster needs assessment (PDNA) report of the recent floods and landslides on the agriculture industry of the country.

The MoAD report, which was compiled from 31 flood-affected districts of Nepal’s low-lying areas, shows that the recent floods swept away paddy worth more than Rs 3.18 billion, which is also expected to affect the projected paddy production of 5.4 million metric tonnes in the ongoing fiscal year. As per the MoAD report, the Tarai floods have affected 47,226 hectares of farmland, which was expected to produce at least 159,152 metric tonnes of paddy.

Similarly, the study shows that the recent floods have affected vegetables planted on 16,474 hectares of land amounting to a loss of over Rs 2.96 billion. The floods have also destroyed planted maize worth more than Rs 240 million on 4,641 hectares of land in the Tarai.

The floods have also swept away more than 60 per cent of fisheries in the 31 districts. As per preliminary report of the government, 1,334 hectares of land in Tarai where fishery was being done has been flooded with water, causing a loss worth over Rs 800 million.

The monsoon disaster this year has also adversely affected banana farming, millet, pulses, oil seeds, groundnut and turmeric, among others.

Other than standing crops, recent disaster has also had a huge impact on agricultural products and food that were in warehouses of the government and farmers. However, MoAD is yet to calculate such loss.

Meanwhile, MoAD has informed that the government will soon announce subsidy packages for affected farmers, encouraging them to re-plant their crops or use other hybrid seeds of different plants which mature quicker.

“We will soon announce a subsidy package for farmers in seeds, re-plantation and agricultural equipment, including loan and loan waiver facilities,” said MoAD Secretary Suroj Pokhrel. “MoAD will soon prepare a detailed PDNA report of the loss in the agriculture sector caused by the recent floods and landslides.”

Quick look


Completely affected area

Total loss

(in hectares)



Rs 3.18bn 



Rs 2.96bn 



Rs 240m 



Rs 530m 



Rs 800m 



Rs 36m 




Oil seeds


Rs 9m 

Ground nut


Rs 2.9m 



Rs 340m