Nawalparasi women like cooperatives

PARASI: Women in Nawalparasi district have turned towards cooperatives after the Makar-based Daunne Devi Women Multi-Purpose Cooperative helped improve their living standards.

The organisation established in 2056 BS at the initiative of 25 members has 936 share-holders now. It has invested Rs 13.6 million in the women’s sector. Parbati Pandey who started an incense sticks and candle cottage industry with loan from Daunne Devi Cooperative is earning Rs 15,000 monthly now. The organisation

provides technical support to operate the business and helps in market management for the products, said Pandey.

The enterprise has started work in partnership with Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) and Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) too. NRB is disbursing loan to it. “We intend to begin banking services within the next few years,” said cooperative chairperson Maya Poudel.

The organisation is also providing loan for the education of its share-holders’ children. According to cooperative manager Hira Shahi, the larger portion of the investment has been invested in the livestock sector. Some 300 women are involved in rearing buffaloes and goats. With AEPC’s help, 10 biogas plants were installed in the district last year.