Paddy plantation completed across 40pc of arable land so far

Kathmandu, July 17

Due to unfavourable monsoon, paddy plantation this year has been completed across only 40.46 per cent of arable land so far, though plantation of the crop had been completed across 63.88 per cent of the arable land till July 17 last year.

As per Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD), delayed monsoon and heavy rainfall that caused floods across Tarai region have hit plantation of paddy.

“Majority of farmers across the country are yet to start planting paddy owing to unfavourable monsoon. We expect the monsoon to turn favourable soon so that plantation of the staple crop can be expedited,” informed Ram Kumar Regmi, statistical officer at MoALD.

Almost 60 per cent of paddy plantation in the country depends on monsoon rain while only 40 per cent its plantation is carried out through irrigation.

Similarly, the MoALD is hopeful that the delayed paddy plantation due to unfavourable monsoon and heavy rainfall will not affect the overall paddy production this year as last week of July is the most favourable period for paddy plantation.

Statistics show that paddy plantation has been carried out across 36.07 per cent of arable land in Province 1, 16.63 per cent in Province 2, 31.06 per cent in Province 3, 67.40 per cent in Gandaki Province, 47.84 per cent in Province 5, 67.83 per cent in Karnali Province and 69.60 per cent of arable land in Sudurpaschim Province.

In terms of geography, paddy plantation has been completed across 51.81 per cent of arable land in the high-hills, 53.96 per cent in mid-hills and 35.12 per cent of arable land in the Tarai.

Paddy, which is a staple crop, accounts for one-fifth of total agricultural gross domestic product of the country. While the contribution of agriculture sector in the country’s GDP is around one-third, paddy accounts for more than 50 per cent of the total agricultural production.