Lalitpur, August 23:

The lost glory of Nepali Pashmina could be retained, if quality raw materials are used and product marketing is done using a specific trademark, a study report said.

The study jointly conducted by the International Trade Centre (ITC), UNCTAD and Trade and Export Promotion Centre (TEPC) states that the development of the Pashmina industry remained idle due to lack of essential physical infrastructures in Nepal.

The major findings of the report were made public today at a programme ‘Export Trade and Development of Nepali Pashmina’.

Murari Prasad Gautam, advisor of TEPC and national consultant said export of Nepali pashmina could increase if a trademark or label is applied on the products.

“The main problems hurting Nepali pashmina export are the lack of proper spinning mills, well-equipped laboratories, label or trademark, unattractive packaging and others,” he said.

The pashmina industry would thrive in Nepal if a well-equipped laboratory is set up to test raw materials for pashimna and if the technology of the pashmina production is developed and producers are given training.

Shankar Prasad Pandey, president of Nepal Pashmina Industry Association, said

the government should create a favourable environment to increase investment on the industry.