Stink of putrid water pervades industrial area

BIRATNAGAR: Industrial effluent flowing out from the industrial corridor has polluted the rivulets around the industrial corridor here. The whole area reeks due to putrid water.

Environmentalists have urged the industries to immediately stop the discharge of the industrial effluents into the rivulets.

The polluted water discharged by 550 industries located in the corridor has polluted the Budhikhola rivulet at Duhabi and Singiya and Kesaliya rivulets in Biratnagar, according to Biratnagar Laboratory, an organisation involved in environmental study and research.

Biratnagar Laboratory chief Ghanshyam Jha said the pollution level around the industrial corridor is so high that it has started having an adverse impact on people’s health and the surrounding environment.

The water in the local rivulets has low oxygen content and high level of pollutants. The industries contributing most to pollution are the tanning, soap, beer and vegetable ghee factories.

Farmers irrigate their fields using the water from these polluted rivulets. As a result, the crops are damaged resulting in decreased production. The health of the cattle is also adversely affected as the cattle drink water from these rivulets.