Supply of essentials intact, says govt

  • No need to panic buy, consumers urged
  • Hoarders warned

Kathmandu, March 5

The assurance by traders and government officials that there is sufficient stock of essential goods has not dissuaded consumers from panic buying.

Meanwhile, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Supplies Lekhraj Bhatta today urged the public not be swayed by rumours. He assured consumers that the supply of goods, especially food items, is normal and urged them not to buy in excess. Bhatta warned traders against hoarding.

“The government is exploring measures that can be adopted to cope with the effects of coronavirus in the domestic market. However, panic buying will hit the supply chain and create problems,” said Bhatta.

Meanwhile, the government has also taken stock of the quantities of essentials and other products with the private sector and government agencies, including NOC, Nepal Food Corporation and Salt Trading Corporation.

Netra Prasad Subedi, director general at the Department of Commerce, Supplies and Consumer Protection, said market order could be maintained with support from all stakeholders — government, traders and consumers. “Immediate action will be taken against traders engaged in hoarding or black-marketing,” he warned.