Vegetable prices go up

Biratnagar, October 8

Prices of green vegetables have doubled at Biratnagar bazaar after vegetable production in the metropolis went down following inundation of vegetable farms by floods during monsoon.

Most of the vegetables consumed in the metropolis are supplied from eastern and southern parts of Morang as well as from Dewangunj of Sunsari.

Local consumers are compelled to buy vegetables at inflated prices. Similarly, the damaged Mirgunj bridge in Jogbani, the bordering Indian town near Biratnagar, was to blame for prices of vegetables going up, said local vegetable entrepreneurs.

They have been importing vegetables to the city from hilly areas as well as from across the border.

Earlier, the price of tomato had gone up from Rs 25 per kg to Rs 60 to 70 per kg. Similarly, the price of lady fingers is now Rs 80 per kg which has gone up by Rs 30. Cucumber is being traded at Rs 60 per kg which used to be available for Rs 30 per kg. The current price of cauliflower is Rs 125 per kg compared to Rs 70 per kg earlier.

Some 25 to 30 tonnes of green vegetables are sold at Biratnagar bazaar, on daily basis.