Veggie prices on rise due to supply constraint

Kathmandu, July 15

Vegetable prices in Kathmandu Valley have started soaring since the last few days due to the cut in supply owing to road obstructions in different places.

The continuous rainfall across different parts of the country, which have resulted in floods and landslides, have affected the smooth supply of vegetables in the Valley resulting in the price hike. In fact, vegetables in the Valley have become dearer by up to 72 per cent over the last one week.

Among others, the retail price of vegetables like tomato, cabbage, eggplant, cowpea, French bean, soybean green and bitter gourd has increased notably over the period.

Binaya Shrestha, information officer at Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board (KFVMDB), said that disturbance in supply of vegetables from Tarai districts has caused a reduction in supply of vegetables in the Valley’s market and caused prices to soar.

“Supply of vegetables in Kathmandu Valley has been reduced to almost 500 tonnes per day in the last few days due to supply obstructions though the market here demands over 850 tonnes of vegetables every day,” informed Shrestha.

Similarly, he also stated that the continuous rainfall had damaged vegetables stored in the warehouses and also on the farms thus reducing the supply. “However, the supply is gradually improving as Kathmandu Valley today received over 800 tonnes of vegetables,” added Shrestha.

As per statistics maintained by KFVMDB, price of tomato has increased by Rs 40 per kg to Rs 95 per kg or by 72 per cent in the last one week. Similarly, price of cabbage has increased to Rs 55 per kg from Rs 35 per kg, an increment by 57 per cent over the week. While the price of eggplant has soared to Rs 85 per kg from Rs 65 per kg, price of cowpea and French bean has increased by Rs 20 per kg and Rs 30 per kg, respectively, to Rs 125 per kg and Rs 155 per kg.

Likewise, soybean green and bitter gourd have become dearer by Rs 20 per kg and Rs 10 per kg, respectively, to Rs 115 per kg and Rs 85 per kg over the week.

However, price of potato and cauliflower has come down nominally in the domestic market.