Weekly share update : Stock market shows mixed performance

Kathmandu, August 4:

Share trading has recovered this week albeit by 7.87 points only.

The overheated stock market started to show the signs of slowdown last we-ek after the central bank showed concern over its vulnerability.

The share trading at the country’s sole secondary market opened at 685.36 points on Sunday and closed at 693.23 points on Thursday. The market witnessed mixed performance throughout the week, as it dropped to 680.55 points on the second day and 678.97 points on the third day. It bounced back to 683.36 points on the fourth day and closed at 693.23 points on the last day.

The weekly turnover, however, decreased this week to Rs 301 million with 645,132 unit shares having been traded through 2,878 transactions, against the last week’s figure of Rs 392.4 million through the trading of 591,776 shares. Out of the total 91 listed companies for trading, 79 saw their transactions.

The share prices of the commercial banks bou-nced back with companies under hydropower and finance groups continue to perform well. The companies under hotel, insurance and development banks groups are the losers.

Despite repeated warnings from regulatory auth-ority and analysts, stock market was on a bullish trend due to speculative buying frenzy, particular-ly, in share prices of some of commercial banks that have negative networth.

The commercial banks group, which is the largest scrip by volume, recovered this week, as the group’s index gained 9.97 points. The group’s index went up to 778.09 points from the op-ening 768.12 points.

The hydropower group continued to register an impressive growth, as it clicked a double digit growth of 18.19 points this week to close at 1021.96 points. The group, which had gained double-digit growth last week too, began its trading from 1010.94 points on Sunday.

The finance group’s index posted a healthy gro-wth of 11.90 points and cl-osed at 486.27 points. The group began its trading at 479.61 points.

The development banks and the hotel groups are the major losers this week, as their indices dropped by 16.74 points and 4.58 points respectively. The development banks group opened at 527.14 points on Sunday and settled at 507.19 points on the closing day, while the hotel groups index dropped to 258.41 points from 264.92 points.