National Examination Board (NEB) has published the results of Secondary Education Examination (SEE) on Saturday.

The board had directed schools to complete all tasks in relation to internal assessment of registered applicants for the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) and make the details available to the District Coordination Committee Office (DCCO).

Students can now check their results from the Board's website, or via SMS and IVR

- www.see.gov.np

- www.neb.gov.np

- www.see.ntc.net.np

The board has also cooperated with other organisations such as Nepal Telecom, The Concept Plus, The EDU network, Kantipur Digital Corp Pvt. Ltd. and Ncell which will facilitate the students to check the results.

Due to the pandemic, the board had decided to conduct the assessment in an alternative way, in contrast to holding regular physical examinations.

Given that there are no technical issues following the issuance of SEE results, the NEB expects to commence new session of +2 classes from August 17.