Marketing yourself

When we talk about marketing your potential and skills we do not conjure up images of flashy interview techniques or smooth sales patter. It is about far more than that. In fact it is about repositioning yourself in the current workplace.

Your experience cannot be changed to suit each prospective job offer however it can be aligned with new opportunities. Be prepared to look at new markets where you may use your existing skills and experience and demonstrate an enthusiasm for the development of new skills through additional training.

However, if you are still unsure about the role you are seeking none of the above will be relevant at this point. Before you even set out on your initial job search, perform a self-evaluation, looking at the aspects of your role that fulfil you and provide you with satisfaction and enjoyment.

Establish what your current position is and the experience and skills you can offer to prospective employers. Once this has been established, analyse the areas that can be broadened and improved upon.

Do not fall into the same trap as so many others who left college and fell into a job that they are neither suited to nor enjoy. Before this becomes just another story perform the analysis to ensure that you choose your career path rather than it choosing.