LOS ANGELES: Transformers siren Megan Fox is a fantastic stepmother to beau Brain Austen Green’s eight-year-old son Kassius, says the father.

The former Beverly Hills 90210 actor has Kassius from a previous relationship and admits the stunning actress plays a huge role in the little boy’s life, reports contactmusic.com.

The couple recently took part in a video to attack budget cuts in Los Angeles schools and Green admits Fox was a huge hit with children.

“Somebody said, ‘Do you think Megan would be interested in doing it?’ I said, ‘I can answer that without even having to ask her.’ It was really cute to watch her with them. It would become sort of a parade at times. They’d follow around behind her and say things like, ‘You’re so pretty.’ She wore some everyday thing. But you could wrap her in foil and she’d look hot,” he said.