More than 100 cabbies booked in three days

Kathmandu, September 5

Traffic police have stepped up crackdown on cabbies who overcharge passengers in Kathmandu Valley.

Metropolitan Traffic Police Division took the move after it received complaints that taxi drivers were ripping off commuters. MTPD said it had taken action against 100 cabbies in the past three days.

Assorted teams were deployed in busy areas to monitor taxis for violations like operating cabs without the mandatory seal on fare-meter, tampering with and using defunct fare-meter, and overcharging passengers.

Cabbies found tampering with fare-meters faced a fine of Rs 5,000 while those overcharging passengers were fined Rs 1,500 each. Traffic police refer cases related to meter-tampering to National Bureau of Standards and Metrology for action.

Around 6,000 taxis operate in the Valley. Meanwhile, the Traffic Police Control Room has been tasked with responding to passengers’ complaints and ensuring that dishonest taxi drivers are held for investigation. “Anyone who is cheated by cabbies are strongly encouraged to report to the Traffic Police Control Room (103) and cooperate with the traffic police so that the guilty is brought to book,” said MTPD.

Traffic police have been keeping a close watch on taxis in the daytime and at night when they try to fleece passengers taking advantage of emergencies and non-availability of public vehicles.