Cases of sexual violence increasing

Kathmandu, February 13

Sexual violence against women has been increasing in the country.

In the month of January alone, 163 cases of sexual violence were recorded.

According to a recent data released by WOREC, 21 per cent of the cases related to violence against women involved sexual violence. In these cases, 57 per cent women were raped and 12 per cent gang-raped. Among the women facing sexual violence, 49 per cent were below the age of 16 years and 51 per cent between 17 and 35 years.

Abhiram Ray, director at WOREC, said, “Most women face violence from relatives. Twenty-two per cent women face sexual violence from their relatives and 45 per cent from neighbours. In 2017, 144 cases of sexual violence were recorded, while this year saw 163 such cases in a single month.”