Children face commercial sexual abuse

Kathmandu, May 23

Most of the children who faced violence and abuse have also faced commercial exploitation as perpetrators promised to provide money, goods or benefits in kind.

A recent research by Centre for Legal Research and Resource Development shows that child victims were provided or promised to be provided with money, goods or benefits in kind.

During the research, 45 cases of sexual exploitation against children and five writ petitions demanding justice for children and for their protection, were studied.

Manju Marasini, a researcher, said that commercial and sexual exploitation of children, who are treated as commodities or sexual objects, is a heinous crime.

“In such crimes, a child’s body is used, abused and exploited for monetary or other kinds of benefits by the exploiter. It is not only the situation of physical, mental or economic exploitation but children live in a situation similar to slavery and their human rights are violated,” she said.