Children of daily wage earners face abuse

Kathmandu, November 14

Children of daily wage earners have been suffering mental and other types of problems, states a report based on a study conducted on 103 children of daily wage earners, who were located at eight child care homes following their rescue.

The children were exposed to physical, psychological and sexual abuse, adds the report. The study was conducted jointly by Kirtipur-based Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan University and King’s College, London.

Of the children studied, 62 per cent were suffering due to several forms of abuses. The finding was revealed at a programme organised in Kathmandu today. Of the children studied, 38 were boys and remaining 65 were girls. Emotional health formed an integral part of health.

However, the government has remained oblivious of this fact as stated by the report.  The report identified stress, depression and post traumatic stress disorder as major mental health problems.

The children were selected to bring to light the fact that they faced various types of problems.

However, their mental health aspect has been accorded least priority, said a member of the study project. Mental and physical abuse in childhood affected the entire life of the concerned person.  Therefore, it was important to identify cases of mental and physical abuse among children at the earliest and treat them accordingly, said another member of the project.