Lalitpur streets turning into waste dump

Kathmandu, August 30

Stinking garbage has piled up on streets and pavements in Lalitpur Metropolitan City after the metropolis failed to collect and dispose of the waste for the past five days due to ‘some technical problems’ in Nuwakot-based Sisdole landfill site.

The stench from the overflowing garbage is making life difficult for Lalitpur denizens. Landslips on the way to the dumping site coupled with protest from Sisdole locals demanding construction of metalled roads has halted garbage collection and disposal, said LMC Spokesperson Raju Maharjan.

LMC has appealed to Lalitpur locals to cooperate with the metropolis by refraining from dumping waste on the streets. It said the metropolis was committed to exploring long-term solution to waste management and assured that the garbage piled up in public places would be collected and disposed of as soon as possible.

The recent rains have added to the locals’ woes by washing away the garbage elsewhere. Garbage can be seen strewn on streets in different parts of the city and locals fear outbreak of communicable disease.