Blacktopping of Imadol-Lamatar road – which is under an expansion drive – has reached its final stage.

According to the Kathmandu Valley Road Expansion Project source, blacktopping of 560-meter of the road with a length of around seven kilometres remains to be achieved now. Maintenance of roads in areas such as Sanagaun and Luvu bazaar has been marked as completed.

Project Chief Guru Adhikari shared that the remaining areas will be blacktopped within mid-May 2021.

Locals had been protesting against the construction of road in the previous years, however, the construction took stride as the government decided to blacktop the stretch across its breadth, Adhikari shared.

"Some locals are still demanding compensation for their land and homes which were affected in the process", he said.

Though a contract was signed three years ago to maintain the breadth as wide as 20 meters, the current development is being carried out with less than the contracted breadth area, he informed.

Physical infrastructures such as pedestrian paths and drainage have not been constructed along the road due to a deficit of breadth area.