Nepali films have nothing but traditional roles for women

Lalitpur, August 9:

Women are still performing the same traditional roles in Nepali feature films, telefilms and advertisements, said speakers at an interaction titled ‘Portrayal of Women in Cinema, Telefilm

and Advertisement’ organised by the Sancharika Samuha today. “Nepali movies and serials have not been able to portray the aspirations, struggle and ambitions of the present generation,” said Yadav Kharel, senior filmmaker and director. “They (women) are still representing the age-old values instead of adopting new roles.” Kharel said women are projected either as a rebel defying traditional roles and opting violence or they are only limited to the traditional roles. “The subject matter of role models who are struggling for women empowerment is yet to be touched.”

Presenting a paper on ‘Portrayal of Women in Cinema, Telefilm and Advertisement’, film critic Dr Pradeep Bhattarai said: “In Nepali films women are still subjected to tears, sympathy and sacrifice. There is not much difference between the characters portrayed by Bhuvan Chand, Bashundhara Bhusal and Mala Sinha and the present generation actresses; the only difference

is in the dress-up and make-up.” Nepali film has contributed a lot in women empowerment. Since it is a very effective medium it should guide the disadvantaged communities as well, he added. Krishna Malla, president the Nepal Film Artists’ Association and Director of the Film Development Board, said: “Women’s issues are always prioritised in the film industry.”

Filmmaker Ujjwal Ghimire said, “Films reflect the society; since there are not enough inspiring women, we have not come up with such movies.”