NHRC to monitor human rights during local level elections

KATHMANDU: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) said that it would launch a nation-wide human rights monitoring campaign targeting the upcoming local elections.

NHRC releasing a statement on Thursday said that it would monitor the human rights situation in three phases; before the election, during the time of local elections and post-election period.

A team of Human Rights Officials would be dispatched for monitoring from this week, mentioned NHRC.

According to the statement, the human rights watchdog would monitor the situation of voter's education and citizen's awareness, possible violation of human rights by political parties and overall security situation.

Similarly, it would also check whether children were used in political activities and see whether the political parties were allowed to freely disseminate their thoughts.

For the task, Human Rights Monitoring and Coordination Committee has been formed under the coordination of NHRC member and spokesperson Mohna Ansari.

NHRC has already oriented its officials at central, regional and sub-regional offices to monitor the campaign.

Meanwhile, the organisation has urged the political parties and other stakeholders to respect human rights by supporting to hold elections in a peaceful manner.