Police arrested a man with Rs 4.3 million and jewellery worth millions of rupees from Nagdhunga check point. The man failed to reveal the source of the cash and jewellery.

Sandeep Kaushal of Tulsipur was arrested from a public bus with jewellery and cash. The bus was entering Kathmandu from Tulsipur, Dang.

Police said the money, along with gold ornaments were found inside an 'unclaimed' box kept in the passage of the public bus. The carton was sealed with duct tape and plastic.

Nobody claimed the money inside the bus. However, after investigation, police found that the money belonged to Kaushal of Tulsipur.

The owner was then booked immediately to find the source of the money and the jewellery.

As the owner failed to disclose how he earned or got that money, police have confiscated the money and arrested him for possible involvement in money laundering.

Though he said that the money belonged to him, police said that an investigation was under way to ascertain whether the arrestee was involved in money laundering.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 5, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.