US Embassy to construct Crisis Management Centre


KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu-based United States Embassy on Friday laid foundation stone for a Regional Crisis Management Centre (RCMC) and its warehouse.

According to the Embassy, a total of USD 1.2 million is being spent on the project.

The RCMC would be constructed at the Nepal Army Chhauni Barracks in Kathmandu.

The Embassy said the construction, which began today marking the Nepal Earthquake Safety Day, would be completed by March 2017.

"In the event of a disaster, civilian and military personnel will staff the RCMC to organise relief, search and rescue, and post-disaster activities (such as debris removal)," the statement read, "The RCMC and warehouse will enable civil-military partners to better coordinate response and communication, as well as provide assistance and materials to affected local population during a disaster."

Likewise, the warehouse portion of the RCMC would store emergency supplies and equipment for first responders, according to the Embassy.