The decision was taken in the wake of soaring coronavirus cases in the country, the department said


As Nepal's Covid-19 caseload is increasing at a rapid scale with back-to-back record-high intraday cases, and consequently adding to the bulk of active infections, plans are underway to grant passage to US citizens residing here to their home land.

All non-essential diplomats and families of the US Embassy staff will be allowed to leave Nepal at government expense owing to a surge in coronavirus cases, the United States State Department said Friday.

"On May 7, the Department of State authorised the voluntary departure of family members of US government employees and non-emergency US government employees from Nepal."

Likewise, the Americans that have plans to visit Nepal have been advised against doing so.

The department has further asked those that are willing to leave the country to submit information to the Kathmandu based embassy.

As the commercial flights departing Nepal are currently not regularly available, the American citizens who want to leave Nepal have been asked to register their interest at the embassy, hinting at the possibility of arrangement of chartered flights to the US.

Prior to issuing the aforementioned notice in Nepal, US government staff and other citizens residing in India have already been authorised passage from one of the worst Covid-hit countries.