Waste management to be regulated

Kathmandu, July 17

Kathmandu Metropolitan City is set to bring new polices into effect to control and monitor all organisations working on waste management within the metropolis.

According to the KMC, around 35 private organisations working inside the metropolis collect waste from door-to-door and manage them at Sisdol Landfill Site at Okharpauwa of Nuwakot district. These organisations collect around 80 to 100 trucks of waste before transporting them to the site.

Hari Kumar Shrestha, head of Environment Department at KMC said, “We are frequently getting complaints from the public that the organisations do not collect waste from households on time.” With the new policy, KMC seeks to bring private companies under its jurisdiction and work in partnership with them. “We are also hoping to work in tandem with the private organisations to transfer the valley waste in Sisdol after collecting them at Teku-based temporary waste collection centre,” he added.

Some 15 private organisations have been operating in various places of Kathmandu valley in collecting waste. Lack of coordinated transportation system is one of the major hurdles for valley waste management, according to Shrestha.

It is estimated that KMC and various private organisations transport around 1,000 tonnes of garbage to Sisdol landfill site from the valley every day. KMC alone generates 30 per cent of the waste. Meanwhile, vehicular movement to the landfill site obstructed due to incessant rainfall since the past few days has resumed from today.