‘Ghost’ that hunts down headmasters

Surkhet, May 10:

People living around Bouddha Nepal Rastriya Primary School in Pokharikanda-6, Surkhet, believe that the school is haunted by a ghost. That is why they are preparing to leave school to the anonymous ghost and build a school building at another location. They believe that the ghost killed two headmasters of the school — Man Singh Sinjapati and Sher Bahadur Pun.

Chairman of the School Management Committee Nar Bahadur Gharti said the school had been without a headmaster ever since the two headmasters, haunted by the ghost, died.

Gharti said Sinjapati died two years ago while Pun died last year. “They were all well when they went to bed in the evening, but were found dead in the morning,” Sinjapati said. Following the death of the two headmasters, no one is ready to be headmaster. “As no one is willing to be the headmaster, we are preparing to shift the school,” Gharti said.

It is said a woman was buried around the school. Villagers believe the dead woman hunts down the headmaster. “The mysterious ringing of bell, hurling of stones prove that a ghost is active here,” Gharti said.