Litter strewn all over the place has made Farakilo, a place along the East-West highway, in front of the Nepal Oil Corporation, Amlekhgunj depot, dirty.

The place where oil tankers are parked now has garbage thrown everywhere, from empty bottles to discarded wrappers of noodles.

Besides, there are about a dozen traders who are running their businesses here and adding to the garbage problem.

"The place comes under Parsa Wildlife Reserve, but as the authorities concerned haven't paid attention to the need to clear the garbage, the place is all littered," said Lions Club of Youth Simara Chairperson Hankalpit Neupane.

"Every day, thousands of people commute to the capital and other places through this place. It's a shame that no authority is concerned about the refuge problem here," he said.

Syam Kumar, an Indian national who sells juice, said he has been simply throwing garbage produced from his shop wherever he liked because so far no one has said anything to him regarding this and every other trader also has been throwing garbage randomly.

When asked, Parsa Wildlife Reserve Information Officer Ramesh Yadav said they would clean up the area. "As garbage is thrown around indiscriminately, it also poses risk to wild animals, we will do something to clean up the area soon," he said.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 15, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.