Anti-rabies vaccine crunch hits Jajarkot

JAJARKOT: The shortage of anti-rabies vaccine at the District Health Office (DHO), Jajarkot, has deprived patients of immediate medical care, forcing them to visit other districts for the service.

Everyday patients come to the office in need of anti-rabies vaccine but return disappointed.

Moreover, the vaccine is not available in other medical facilities in the district.

Patients are forced to visit Nepalgunj and Chaurjahari Mission Hospital in Rukum district to get the vaccine, said one Rudra Khatri of Tribeninalgadh Municipality-8.

Anti-rabies vaccine is given to a patient bitten by any animal like dog or jackal infected with rabies virus.

The DHO said that the regional health directorate is also running out of the stock of anti-rabies vaccine.