The transaction of illegal goods from across the border has declined after the government established Armed Police Force beats along border areas of Rautahat.

Border points with India were closed almost a year ago to control the spread of coronavirus across the border.

People's movement, seizure of customs evaded materials and drug smuggling, among other crimes, were monitored along the border area as per government regulation.

The APF beats set up in different areas along the border have reduced illegal activities.

Security teams also took customs evaded items worth Rs 40 million under control within seven months this fiscal.

Armed Police Force 11 Number Battalion Chief SP Surya Bahadur Oli said APF teams had seized illegal weapons, drugs, cash, timber and collected fines from vehicles, among other things, in the border areas. He added that police teams also rescued 47 people from road accidents and helped douse fires in 41 fire incidents in the district in the seven-month period.

SP Oli said APF teams had patrolled and stepped up security along 32 kilometres of the border area and controlled unwanted activities in the areas. He added that police teams deployed in the border areas were motivated after the authority concerned supervised and monitored them time and again.

The APF beats established at 100 metres distance in Dasgaja have increased the sense of security among people.

Smuggling and black-marketing have been discouraged due to the presence of security personnel. Unwanted activities in the border areas have become rare and people in the areas have been cooperating with security personnel to control crime.

A version of this article appears in the print on February 19, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.