Armyworms destroy seasonal crops

Bhojpur, September 12

Local farmers looked worried after armyworms destroyed seasonal crops in Bhojpur.

The American insects have destroyed maize planted in around 25 hectare land in the district.

According to Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Bhojpur, the insects destroyed seasonal crops in Taxar, Aamtek, Manebhanjyang, Jarayotar, Yangpang and Ranibas, among other areas, of the southern part of the district.

The farmers complained that armyworms destroyed the winter corn after prolonged drought had also destroyed the seasonal crops this year. The farmers had planted maize in mid-July.

Sita Karki, a farmer, said armyworms had also started to destroy seasonal crops. She showed reluctance to plant crops fearing that the insects would destroy them. “The problems will occur in agriculture if the situation remains the same,” she added.

Acting Chief Yogendra Yadav in the knowledge centre said the armyworms ate the trunk of the maize plant in the daytime and destroyed the growing leaves at night.

“The plant cannot grow when the insects eat the inside of the stem,” he added. Yadav said medicine had to be used as instructed.

The local farmers are riddled with fear that the insects may also destroy several other crops planted during other seasons.