Assessment of quake damage over in Parbat

Phalebas, March 9

Collecting the details of the houses ravaged by the earthquake of April 25, 2015 has been completed in the district.

Details of a total of 11,000 damaged houses have been put together, said the district-based office assigned to collect details, adding that those houses left out would be accommodated in the second phase.

The Central Bureau of Statistics had deployed 29 engineers and the same number of social volunteers to collect details. Of the total 11,809 damaged houses, 800 houses have been excluded from the process due to various reasons such as some of the households have  migrated elsewhere, said the district office chief Shiva Shrestha, adding, “They will be accommodated in the second phase,” he added.

A total of 11,809 houses of the total 47 VDCs and one municipality were affected by the quake.

Likewise, 9,121 quake-affected families whose houses have been destroyed completely or partially received the housing grant given by the government.