Shanti Sewa Griha rescued a 15-year-old girl of Gaumul Rural Municipality in Bajura today and sent her to Kathmandu for treatment after The Himalayan Times daily published a news story about the girl's plight.

Rural municipality Chairman Hari Bahadur Rokaya said that sewa griha had helped the malnutritioned girl Kranti Rokaya at Manakot of the rural municipality as she had been struggling for life for want of treatment. Sewa griha programme coordinator Bijendra Kunwar said that a German citizen Marianne Grospietch had taken the initiative to help the girl with her treatment and other expenses after reading the news story in this daily.

Marianne grospietch has been working in social service across world for the last 36 years. She had established Shanti Sewa Griha in Nepal and she is also known as a social campaigner in the world.

Kranti's mother Keshu said she was happy with the helping hands as her daughter would receive treatment and regain her life.

Similarly, Jangu Sherpa has helped with Rs 5,000, Nabin Acharya Rs 5,000 and Bal Bahadur Rokaya helped with Rs 5,000 as ttransportation fare to take Kranti to Kathmandu. The disease could not be cured even though family members took her to Bajura District Hospital and Bayalpata Hospital, Achham.

Family members had brought Kranti back home from the hospitals due to lack of treatment expenses and there was no improvement in her health.

Auxiliary Mid-wife Laxmi Bohora at Manakot Health Post said Kranti had been suffering from cough and fever. She said tuberculosis drug was given to Kranti as there was a spot on her chest.

Kranti's father Bise Rokaya died 15 years ago when Kranti was in her mother's womb.

Bise also died for want of treatment.

I have been trying my best to save my daughter," said Kesu. She added in tears that she had taken Kranti to Bayalpata Hospital, but had no money to take her to other hospitals for treatment.

Kranti is suffering from malnutrition and has low while blood cell count in her body.

Shanti Sewa Griha has helped stranded children and other people in Bajura. Programme Director Aspara Karki at the organisation said the sewa griha has helped COVID patients with oxygen cylinders and health materials, among other items, in Kathmandu during the pandemic.

A version of this article appears in the print on July 28 2021, of The Himalayan Times.