Belauri Municipality to host three-day fair to mark Maghi

Kanchanpur, December 28

Belauri municipality in Kanchanpur is hosting a cultural fair on the occasion of Maghi festival, which is observed on the first day of the Nepali month Magh. The Maghi festival falls on January 15.

Belauri town committee of Tharu Welfare Assembly is organising the three-day Maghi festival from January 11. The first day of the month of Magh is largely celebrated as Maghe Sankranti and the Tharu community celebrates it as Maghi. The objective of the festival is to promote Tharu culture.

The theme of the festival is ‘Tharu ekata hamar shan: Siksha, bhasha and sanskriti paurhaiti laijina hamar abhiyan’,which means unity among the Tharu people is their pride and prestige and we should promote education, language and culture.

“A blood donation programme has been scheduled on the opening day of the festival which will showcase as many as 15 cultural stalls showcasing Tharu cuisine and attire,” festival publicity committee coordinator Krishna Gumba Chaudhary said.

A cultural procession reflecting the traditional art and culture of the Tharu community, Maghauta dance, Mungharawa dance, Jhumra dance, Tharu dance will be presented during the course of the festival. Tharu and non-Tharu artistes will perform during the festival.

Over 10,000 people are expected to visit the fair. In May 2014, Belauri was declared a municipality merging the then    Rampur Bilaspur, Laxmipur, Mahakali and Sripur village development committees. A large number of Tharu people reside in Belauri.