Chure exploitation will herald ecological crisis: Ex-president Yadav

Janakpurdham, November 9

Former president Ram Baran Yadav pointed out the need to rethink the plan for construction of highway through Chure.

At a dialogue titled ‘Chure Ko Chintan (contemplation on Chure)’ organised as part of Nepal Literature festival in Janakpurdham today, he called on the stakeholders to pay attention to the imminent ecological crisis stemming from perpetual Chure erosion.

The ongoing construction of highway through Chure and excessive use of construction equipment, such as excavators, have resulted in drying up of water sources and disappearance of animal species from their habitats, the ex-president claimed.

He also suggested implementing development plans keeping in mind the sensitivity of the region bearing 60 per cent of the total population, which is also pocket area for grain production.

He also demanded immediate actions to stop activities that would leave the Tarai-Madhes inundated.

“It is unfortunate that an airport is being constructed in Nijgadh without carrying out scientific study,” former president Yadav said, stressing the need to reassess the plan for building airport by cutting down trees.

The former president also urged the government to rethink its plan for railway expansion at the expense of forest areas.

He said there was a need to formulate a separate act in line with the masterplan outlined by experts for the conservation of Chure region, including rivers.

Likewise, former prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal also echoed the former president’s remarks, noting that myopic planning had heralded crisis in the Chure region. He also highlighted the need toframe a masterplan for the entire country for its scientific development without causing harm to the environment.

Complication has surfaced due to unrealistic approach to construction of several highways, he said, adding, “Only three highways are sufficient for our country. Making plans ignoring this reality will create problems.” He highlighted the need for a plan construct Nijgadh Airport without destroying the main forest. Former PM Nepal also called on the government to conserve Chure.