Committed to maintain peace, says PM

BIRATNAGAR: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that the government was alert to maintain peace and security as well as not to let the communal violence erupt in the country.

Talking briefly to mediapersons at the Biratnagar Airport today, Prime Minister Oli clarified that the government was ready to resolve existing problems through talks.

Stating that the new constitution was promulgated as per aspirations of the people, he said that there was no alternative to moving ahead together for the stability of the country as well as for implementation of the new Constitution.


The PM stressed the need of putting one's views and dissatisfaction in a peaceful manner, saying imposing border blockade and vandalising ambulance were not acts of valour.

He claimed that the incumbent government had carried out many works including endorsing the Bill on Reconstruction of Earthquake Affected Structures, among others during its two months in office.