Compensation for failed Garima paddy eludes farmers

Dhangadi, February 5

Local farmers protested demanding compensation after they lost their harvest when the fake Garima paddy seeds they had cultivated turned out to be fake, at Dhangadi in Kailali today.

They protested in front of the Ministry of Land Management Agriculture and Cooperative, the Chief Minister’s Office and the Office of the Council of Ministers.

Protest committee coordinator Basu Guragain said that local farmers in Kailali and Kanchanpur have faced around six crore loss and did not get compensation and relief.

A team deployed from the Federal Agriculture and Livestock Development Ministry had submitted the report citing that local farmers faced a huge loss due to the duplicate Garima Paddy seeds.

According to the Ministry of Land Management Agriculture and Cooperative, no formal letter has reached the ministry from the federal ministry.

A monitoring team led by Madan Thapa of Seeds and Quality Control Office submitted the report to the ministry.

The decision to provide relief and compensation to farmers in the district is yet to be taken.