Dadeldhura at high risk

Dadeldhura, April 26

With the mercury rising, malaria and pneumonia patients are flocking Jogbudha Hospital located in the inner Madhes of Dadeldhura.

Dr Abiral Barakoti of Jogbudha Hospital said the hospital has taken additional caution after kala-azar patients were found in addition to increased malaria patients. Kala-azar patients are receiving treatment at Nepalgunj Medical College.

According to Dr Barakoti, it takes a long time to treat the malaria patients as they visit the hospital in the last stage due of lack of awareness. “They do not visit the hospital when they have fever. They take medicine from the local pharmacy and when the medicine does not heal them, they visit the hospital,” Dr Barakoti added.

Dadeldhura District Health Office said  the inner Madhes in Dadeldhura was at high risk of malaria due to lack of awareness.