‘Dalit women deprived of constitutional rights’

Kathmandu, October 21

Founder President of Feminist Dalit Organisation Durga Sob today said that despite the promulgation of the new statute, women were still unable to exercise their rights.

She said Madhesi Dalit women were especially battling discriminatory practices such as untouchability, child labour, and child marriage, and were deprived of education and job opportunities.

At a press meet on the ‘Issues of Madhesi Dalit women and Role of Media’ held today, Sob said, “The new statute has recognised their rights, but women still face discrimination at home, workplace, and elsewhere. A woman’s position in society has remained unchanged even after promulgation of the new constitution.”

According to a report of the FEDO, 90 per cent of Nepali women have not been able to exercise rights granted by the state, and 23 per cent of these women belong to the Madhesi Dalit community. Dalit women are more prone to domestic violence, trafficking, and racial discrimination.

Releasing a 21-point manifesto, Sob said, “The media can help minimise the social disorder and play an active role in implementing the constitution. The media can help bring the problems faced by the Madhesi Dalit women to light, and draw the government’s attention to their plight.”

In the manifesto, FEDO has asserted that the government should implement the constitution, and Dalit women should be provided education, job opportunities, basic needs, and separate quota in governmental services.

The manifesto also calls upon the government to act against racial discrimination, child marriage, and child labour.