The market monitoring team deployed from Tanahun District Administration Office inspected health clinics of the district after service seekers complained that drug store owners sold medicines at exorbitant prices taking advantage of the pandemic in Damauli.

Assistant Chief District Officer Chitrangat Baral led a team that conducted monitoring of the market today.

After the inspection, the monitoring team decided to take action against illegally operated labs and pharmacies.

Baral said five labs and two pharmacies operating illegally were closed after the inspection.

Most of the health clinics in the area were being operated without registration.

He said that some of the clinics were registered as pharmacies but were also providing medical treatment.

He further added that some of the health facilities had put the lives of patients at risk as they were also running labs without permission and registration.

Baral said they had also found that some hospitals in Damauli did not meet the government set criteria while providing service to people. He said that the hospitals were directed to comply with the government-set standard.

The market monitoring team monitored Rishi Health Clinic, Rana Medical Hall, Krishna Medico Pharma, Prajun Thapa Medical Hall and Shreya Medical Hall, among others, in Damauli. They were directed to immediately close down as they were operating illegally.

The monitoring team said that health clinics flouting the rule would remain closed till the clinic operators met all the set criteria. The team said they had seized the bills of the medical equipment and medicines sold at high prices.

According to the team, the clinics sold an oximeter for Rs 7,500, which was more than double the actual price.

A version of this article appears in the print on June 23 2021, of The Himalayan Times.